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How to Make Back to School Transition Easier on Your Pets

It is that time of year, back to school for the kids which means back in routine for everyone else in the house. This can be a huge adjustment to many of us, including our pets. Each day they are used to a full house with lots of activity. When the kids return to school, they lose their play partners which may cause some separation anxiety, boredom and even depression. No need to worry, I compiled a short list of useful tips and products to give your pet a variety of distractions and keep their brain busy until the school bus arrives in the afternoon! Try to maintain your pet's daily schedule as much as possible. Keep mealtimes, potty breaks, and bedtime as close as you can to what they have become used to. Make sure they are getting plenty of exercise. If your dogs are used to spending hours...
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Let’s Talk Dog Poop

Everyone always tiptoes around the topic of their dogs (whispering “poop”). But honestly, the quality of your pets’ stool can tell us a lot about their health. In fact, 80% of the immune system is found in the gut. One way to maintain a healthy gut is the use of prebiotics. All dogs can benefit from being on a daily prebiotic, especially one’s that struggle in specific areas. Rotating between prebiotic formulas is the best way to support a healthy gut microbiome in your dog. Gut Soothe vs. Fido's Flora Larch, which is bark of the Larch Tree, is the base of both prebiotic formulas. Larch is a digestible fiber that is a natural medicine to aid in numerous health conditions for many years. The most popular benefits include supporting the immune system by fighting inflammation and tumor growth. Gut Soothe = Diarrhea Band-Aid This product is the #1 reason...
Three Tails selected at America's Coolest Pet Store in 2022 by PETS+

Three Tails Named American’s Coolest

  Three Tails Parlor and Pantry Named One of “America’s Coolest” Pet Businesses by PETS+ Magazine PETS+, the Better Business magazine for American pet professionals, chose Three Tails Parlor and Pantry locations in Columbia and Waterloo, Ill., in its sixth annual contest. In 2018, Taylor Gonzalez opened Three Tails Parlor and Pantry in Columbia, naming the store after the “three tails” she and her mom Renee loved most – their family dogs, Samson, Sawyer and Scout. The store logo is a depiction of their very own tails. Before long, Renee Gonzalez rebranded her store - Waterloo Feed and Pet Supply - to Three Tails Parlor and Pantry of Waterloo. “I knew immediately that I wanted Three Tails to be a place pet owners could trust,” Taylor said. “I became certified in pet First Aid and CPR, and certified as a pet nutritionist, and I research every product and brand we...

It’s More Than A Name

It's More Than A Name for Three Tails Parlor & Pantry, It's An Ode To Their Three Labs Read this great article written by Pet Perrenials.
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