We’re happy to talk with you about ordering a specific brand or type of food. Just give us a call or drop by.

This is a really great question and it gets to the heart of why we believe our business is better than some of those bigger commercial stores. Yes, we carry some big-name brands — but only the most trusted ones. We won’t put anything on our shelves that we wouldn’t feel comfortable feeding our own animals. And we also keep up to date on all the latest recalls, saving you from having to monitor this yourself. 

Some dogs and cats can meet all of their nutritional needs through their food, as long as it is from a trusted and reliable brand. But other pets have special dietary needs that can only be met through supplements, whether it is fish oil or glucosamine or something else. We carry an array of vet-trusted products and can also order you anything that we don’t have. 

Cat sitting
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