At Home Grooming Tips

Learn some great grooming tips from our groomers that you can do at home.

We know you'd rather bring your pets in to see us in person, but sometimes it's just not possible. When an unexpected crisis happens - or life in general just gets in the way - and you can't bring your best friend in for a grooming or a nail trim, we still want to be there for you and your pets.

Our groomers ALWAYS want the best for your pets. So they scoured the internet, looking for the best "how to" videos to help you do some of the things to care for your pets when you can't make it in to see us.

Check them out below and as always - call us any time with questions!

A few tips our groomers wanted to share:

  • Owners of dogs like shihtzus and yorkies - the breeds that often get eye gunk -  need to focus on cleaning out the eyes with a warm washcloth every day to prevent scabs.
  • Please don't cut your dog's hair at home. We know it's frustrating but it is very easy to accidentally cut your dog, leading to a vet visit and a traumatic experience.
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