How to Make Back to School Transition Easier on Your Pets

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It is that time of year, back to school for the kids which means back in routine for everyone else in the house. This can be a huge adjustment to many of us, including our pets. Each day they are used to a full house with lots of activity. When the kids return to school, they lose their play partners which may cause some separation anxiety, boredom and even depression. No need to worry, I compiled a short list of useful tips and products to give your pet a variety of distractions and keep their brain busy until the school bus arrives in the afternoon!
  • Try to maintain your pet’s daily schedule as much as possible. Keep mealtimes, potty breaks, and bedtime as close as you can to what they have become used to.
  • Make sure they are getting plenty of exercise. If your dogs are used to spending hours outside with the kids, you may need to take them on a couple of extra walks during the day or playing fetch a few times a day. Hiring a dog walker may be a great solution if this doesn’t match your work schedule.
  • If additional walks are not something that can fit in your schedule, don’t worry because there are other ways to “exercise” your pet. 15 minutes of mental stimulate is equivalent to a 3-minute walk. Our newest favorite stimulates for your pet’s mind:

West Paw Toppl + Nugget’s Healthy Eats Bone Broth Butter


LickiMat + Weruva Pumpkin Pouch


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JugHead + Himalayan Cheese (Buy a JugHead, Get Cheese for Free in the month of August!)

  • Give your pet a sense of comfort with a Snuggle Puppy. The SmartBeat Heart is motion activated based on your dog’s movement. The Snuggle Puppy recreates the intimacy and physical warmth with a pulsing Real-Feel Heartbeat and 3 overnight heat packs. The result is a calmer, more peaceful pet, who feels less loneliness, fear, and separation anxiety.

School is back in session at Three Tails too! Does your dog need a refresher on their manners or want to get them out of the house? Group Training Classes open for enrollment at Columbia and Waterloo locations. Columbia’s next class begins Tuesday, August 22nd and Waterloo’s next class begins Wednesday, September 13th. Classes are from 5:30pm-6:30pm, one hour each week for six weeks. Class fee is $200 (check or cash).

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Your friends at Three Tails wish you and your family a great first week and a wonderful school year!

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