Cows, Horses & More

You put a lot of work into your farming operation. Only the best, right? 

Then here’s something you probably already know: the health of your animals is essential to the overall quality and profitability of your business. We understand this, and work hard to provide top-notch feed that would stand up to even the toughest scrutiny.  So let’s talk about the basics. 

A successful livestock nutrition program provides the proper balance of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals. It also supplements the basal diet with sufficient quantities of amino acids, carbohydrates and fatty acids. 

This translates to improved fertility, immune function, birth survival, growth, and meat quality. All good stuff when you’re running a livestock operation that depends upon stability and efficiencies, right? 

Now, these high standards apply whether you are talking about chickens, horses, pigs or cattle.  But we also know that no two farms have the exact same needs.  So our livestock nutrition experts will work with you to find the appropriate blend of rations, supplements and premixes to meet your specific nutritional demands.

It’s all about finding a nutrition program that works best for you and your animals. Keeping your business strong and healthy is something we care about.

Please note: Livestock feed and supplements are only available at our Waterloo location.

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