Three Tails Parlor and Pantry Watermark Image
They got my dog in right away and she came home looking and smelling wonderful. And so soft! Will be visiting again!

Lisa Timmons

Three Dogs

I highly recommend bringing your fur babies into Three Tails! I took all three of my pups in all at one time and they made them look better than they ever have! We had a small get together the day after and we got so many compliments on how beautiful they looked and smelled! This will definitely not be our last visit! Thank you all again so much for treating them like your own!

Samantha Hornbostel

Three Tails Parlor and Pantry Watermark Image

Three Tails not only met all my expectations but they went above and beyond. My doodle, Norman, has had a rough go the last few months with emergency surgeries and recovering and needless to say, his doodle do was way overgrown. They were so patient since I kept having to reschedule and when we finally made it there this week, I could’ve cried. Not just because we are finally seeing the light after many weeks of Norman’s unfortunate journey, but because they took car of him when he needed it most. He needed a loving groomer to pamper him and make him feel like normal Norman again as well as being gentle with him around his incision area. When I picked him up, you could tell his demeanor and attitude were much brighter and happier and it made my WEEK!

Allie Prange

photo of dog outside

I’m so happy I chose this amazing place to take care of Drake. I was worried when finding a place for him to be groomed because he is a very shy and timid dog. Drake also has a lot of hair and we wanted someone who would be able to do a good job with it. Taylor and her team are so very gentle, loving and kind to Drake. I don’t have to worry about him being there! I love all the products Taylor offers in her store!! There is a large variety of everything you can think of. If she happens not to have something you’re looking for, she will go out of her way to look for the best product of what you’re searching! We love Three Tails Parlor and Pantry!!!

Rianna Probst

Three boys and yellow lab

We just adopted a puppy a week ago so I dropped in the shop with my two young boys just to look and I LOVED IT! The selection of items is awesome and the owner was so sweet and knowledgeable and helpful. . .I made a second stop at the shop a couple of days later to pick up a second bone the owner recommended because my dog loved it so much. I will definitely be going back many times!

Lindsay Dunham

Kids and dogs sitting on floor

We have been buying our dog food here since they opened and have been super pleased with the customer service. Today our 11-year-old dogs had their first ever grooming experience, and we will be bringing them back regularly. They look awesome!!!

Tiffany Wise Dill

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