Let’s Talk Dog Poop

Everyone always tiptoes around the topic of their dogs (whispering “poop”). But honestly, the quality of your pets’ stool can tell us a lot about their health. In fact, 80% of the immune system is found in the gut. One way to maintain a healthy gut is the use of prebiotics. All dogs can benefit from being on a daily prebiotic, especially one’s that struggle in specific areas. Rotating between prebiotic formulas is the best way to support a healthy gut microbiome in your dog.

Gut Soothe vs. Fido’s Flora

Larch, which is bark of the Larch Tree, is the base of both prebiotic formulas. Larch is a digestible fiber that is a natural medicine to aid in numerous health conditions for many years. The most popular benefits include supporting the immune system by fighting inflammation and tumor growth.

Gut Soothe = Diarrhea Band-Aid

This product is the #1 reason I brought in Adored Beast. I give this to Scout daily for Acid Reflex. I was struggling finding a natural aids to help with common issues: IBD, Acid Reflex, or GERD.

Additional Common Uses:

  • Diet Transitions
  • Respiratory Issues
  • Travel Anxiety (when your gone on vacation and your pet is staying with someone else)
  • While your dog is on an antibiotic

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Fido’s Flora

Fido’s Flora is the first biologically species-specific probiotic for your dog.

Used for dogs that struggle with:

  • Allergies (Sneezing, Itching, Licking Paws)
  • Improve Stool Consistency
  • Reducing Flatulence (Yes, Farting)
  • Cancer
  • Auto Immune Diseases

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