Let’s face it. Your dog, cat or horse would eat just about anything, as long as it tasted good. But as a pet owner, you know that “just anything” won’t do. Your pets are part of your family. And just like humans, animals need the right mix of nutrients and wholesome ingredients to live long, healthy lives. We understand that. 

Our certified pet food nutrition specialists can help you select the right food, treats and supplements, so you can feel confident you are giving your animals the very best — no matter your lifestyle, budget, or philosophy.

It means sourcing from only the most trusted pet food brands, with a focus on superior ingredients — not fillers or leftovers from human food processing.  And it means answering your questions, so you know and feel comfortable with what your animal is eating.

Science shows that a high-quality, minimally-processed diet is essential to your pet’s well-being. It leads to a longer life, improved digestion, a strong immune system and a shinier coat. So let’s go through some specifics: That means evaluating your pet’s specific needs, based on breed, lifestyle, age, medical needs and other considerations. 

All of these things lead to a happier animal, and a happier pet owner. And that’s our number one goal. 


Pet Food Information

Find out more about all the different pantry options we offer. 

Dog & Cat Food

An animal’s diet drastically affects their behavior, condition and overall life span. There’s mountains of research showing that. We also know quality food translates to quality of life. 

Add a Little Fresh!

Like you, your dog loves variety, so don’t be afraid to add fresh ingredients to their regular kibble to add flavor and health benefits to their meals.

Cows, Horses & More

You put a lot of work into your farming operation. Only the best, right? Then here’s something you probably already know: the health of your animals is essential to the overall quality and profitability of your business.

Brands We Carry

At Three Tails, we believe that having a variety to choose from is important and we try to keep a wide range of brands for your pets to help ensure we have something for everyone. 

Rotation Diets

We encourage a rotation diet that mixes and matches dry, wet, and raw food options.  A rotation diet will create excitement during mealtime, especially for picky eaters.

Frequent Feeder Program

We love to give back to our customers and what better way to show it than by offering a frequent buyer program on food for your pet. Learn more about this wonderful program.

Pet Food Consultation

You just want to feed your pets good, nutritional food.
But the labels - oh the labels - with the endless lists of confusing and complicated ingredients!
At Three Tails Parlor & Pantry, we’re here to help. 

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