Absolutely! We do not breed discriminate!

First, we listen! Your pet should not have to fear the groomer, so we will talk about their prior experience and consider what we can do differently to put them and you at ease. We will create an environment that is as soothing as possible, whether that means avoiding blow dryers or nail trimming, or playing soft music. We want them to enjoy getting pretty!

We do! We offer a range of products that are ideal for animals with sensitive skin and/or allergies. If you would like to know more about these products in advance of coming in, please feel free to give us a call and we will fill you in!

It’s not all too different from grooming dogs! We will bathe and groom them and check their ears. But given that we are dealing with cats (who don’t always like to be touched too much), we will be a little more sensitive to how we handle them. In the end, we think you and they will be happy with the experience!

You can expect to drop off your pet for an estimated 4-6 hours. Of course, that can vary according to the specific needs of your pet. But we will always give you a reliable time estimate in advance, so that your time and theirs isn’t wasted. We do offer express service grooming to get your pet in and out. In our Express Groom add-on service, the groomer only works on your specific pet until complete. Generally that 1-1 1/2 hours. The price for this add-on service is $15 to $20.

We have a loyal customer base, and as a result, can get fairly busy. To ensure you get an appointment that is most convenient for you, we’d recommend calling at least 5 days in advance. That being said, sometimes we have last minute cancellations, so we’d always urge you to call and check, even if you need something immediately!

Cat sitting
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