Dogs & Cats

An animal’s diet drastically affects their behavior, condition and overall life span. There’s mountains of research showing that. We also know that quality food translates to quality of life. After all, that’s true for us humans, right?

So if you have the option to give your furry companion a happier, healthier - and potentially longer - life, wouldn’t you? Especially if you have the resources, knowledge and access? That’s what Three Tails is here for.

We promise that our food is of the highest caliber and quality –  offered at an affordable and reliable location where you can trust your pets’ well-being is our top-priority.

Dog Food

Dogs are happy go-lucky by nature. And there’s nothing that gets them as excited as a plate of yummy food (except maybe a squirrel sighting!)

But it’s our job as pet owners to make sure their food not only tastes great, but also serves them best nutritionally. Because we want that big, slobbery smile to stick around for the long haul. 

Sure, you can pick up some generic food at a big box store or on Amazon. But don’t you want to feel confident that you are giving your dog the very best? That’s our specialty. 

Our family-run store sells only the most trusted brands, and we will also work with you to meet your dog’s specific nutritional needs, based on their age, breed and other characteristics.  And we provide all of this at a low cost that will match or beat what you will find in one of those larger, commercial stores. 

It’s enough to put a big, slobbery smile on your face, too.

Cat Food

“Pet me, but only when I want you to.”  - Cats, everywhere.

Your kitties still love and need you, even if they don’t show it as readily as their canine counterparts. They’re counting on you to provide them with the right food and environment to help them thrive.

While genetics play an important role in a cat’s  lifelong health (and you can’t control centuries of DNA), you can provide them with the best possible diet to help them maximize what nature provided. That means knowing what cats actually need, and providing them with science-backed nutrition.

For instance, cats are natural-born predators. (Yes, that mouse he dropped on the front porch really was a gift!) So the grains, vegetables and plants that are peddled by today’s commercial pet food market are not really suitable for your cat, an innate carnivore.

These are considerations that we take into account when helping you find the best products for your cat. Whether you’re hunting for the right food for your new kitten or for your aging cat with urinary tract issues, Three Tails is here to help with advice and brands you can trust.

Pet Food Consultation

You just want to feed your pets good, nutritional food.
But the labels - oh the labels - with the endless lists of confusing and complicated ingredients!
At Three Tails Parlor & Pantry, we’re here to help. 

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