Animals might not mind being dirty and smelly, but as owners, we definitely appreciate a fresh pet!

Our experienced and talented groomers work with both dogs and cats, and our boutique atmosphere ensures each animal gets lots of one-on-one time with the groomer. You’ll meet your groomer when you drop off your best friend, so you’ll feel comfortable that your dog or cat is in great hands. We take the time and care to ensure every pet feels as calm as possible, and offer special “in and out” packages for our extra shy friends who prefer to avoid being in a kennel. 

With every package, as soon as your best friend is finished, we’ll call to let you know so you won’t have to spend any more time apart than necessary.

Helpful reminder: If you're a new grooming customer, please bring a copy of your up-to-date vaccination records for us to keep on file. The health and safety of all our furry friends is our highest priority!

You’ll find a few of our basic grooming packages below, but don’t be afraid to ask for a custom experience for your dog or cat!


Our Grooming Services

With velocity heat dryers, all-natural skin-sensitive shampoos, and customized trimming regimens, we put the safety and overall health of your pets first.

We do not breed discriminate at Three Tails; we love and groom all dogs and cats! We also include collar, harness and leash cleaning in all our grooming packages!

Check out our grooming package special for the month.

Full Groom

All over haircut service.
Includes bath, fluff dry, brush out, nail clip/grind, ear cleaning, removal of excess ear hair, cologne, and bandana. 


Face, Feet and Sanitary

Trimming of face, feet, sanitary areas. 
Includes bath, fluff dry, brush out, nail clip/grind, ear cleaning, removal of excess ear hair, cologne, and bandana. 


Puppy Introduction

Positive introduction to grooming for puppies (under 4 months) beginning "Grooming Training". 
Includes bath, fluff dry, brush out, nail clip, ear cleaning, and trim around face and sanitary area.


Deshed Bath

Helps reduce shedding by removing loose undercoat. 
Includes bath, deep conditioner rich in Omega-3s and Omega-6s, high velocity blow dry, brush out, nail clip/grind, paw pad trim, ear cleaning, cologne, and bandana. 


Basic Bath

Includes deodorizing bath, blow dry, brush out, nail cip/grind, ear cleaning, cologne, and bandana. 


De-shed + Trim

Specialized shampoo and conditioner to help release secondary coat to minimize shedding. Also includes body trim, nail trimming and cleaning of the ears, eyes and sanitary areas. Common for breeds such as Golden Retrievers and Australian Shepherds.


Nail Trim/Grind

Takes approximately 5-10 minutes.

Cat Shave

Includes clipping of nails and cleaning of ears.

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Cat Deshedding

Specialized shampoo and conditioner to help release secondary coat to minimize shedding. Include clipping of nails and cleaning of ears.


Trimming a dog’s nails is no easy task, but it’s an important part of keeping your pal’s paws healthy.  When nails are so long that they constantly touch the ground, they can break off, tear or push back up into the nail bed - all of which can create pain for the dog and put undue pressure on the toe joint. 

Nail trimming is particularly important for dogs who often walk on paved paths or concrete. Most dogs get anxious during nail trimming, so many owners prefer to leave it to the professionals. Turning to an expert can also help to make sure their nails are cut safely. 

Our compassionate and experienced groomers use gentle leads during the entire grooming process to make your pet as comfortable as possible.  We offer nail trimming, grinding and buffing separately or as part of our grooming packages.


Frequent Buyer Program

Three Tails has a customer loyalty program for nail trims as well. 

Three Tails Loyalty Card

Self-Service Wash

Available at both our locations.

Some pets just prefer the familiar hands of their owners. We completely understand.  That’s why we offer a self-service wash area in a clean, flea-free environment that can accommodate any size dog.

The self-service wash is eligible for our frequent buyer program!

Our self-service dog wash comes with everything you need:

  • A tub

  • All-natural shampoo

  • High velocity dryers

  • Towels

  • Brushes and combs

  • Aprons to keep you dry!

 Just bring your dog and leave the mess to us!

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