Water Therapy

There are many ways that hydrotherapy can be beneficial for pets to get in shape, stay active, recover from accidents, illness, or surgery.
Three Tails is proud to be able to offer hydrotherapy at our Columbia location. 

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What is Water Therapy?

Water Therapy, also known as Hydrotherapy, is a water-based exercise that provides physical rehabilitation and exercise to pets. 

It uses an underwater treadmill enclosed in thick plexiglass windows so your pet can still see you. The therapist can control the water level and the speed of the treadmill and adjusts based on the needs of your pets. Your pet will be placed in a life jacket while in the and give treats and toys to help motivate your pet to walk if needed. 

Benefits of Water Therapy

Cardiovascular Stimulation

More Comfortably Move Joints

Improved Muscle Strength

Stimulates Lymph Systems


Getting Your Pet Started with Water Therapy


CONSULTATION - 30 minutes for $20

Before your pet can hit the water, we require every owner to have a consultation with our therapist.

This visit will be a one on one meeting with our therapist that will help form the action plan that will best suit you and your pet for treatment ahead. You do NOT need to bring your pet with you to this visit.

WATER THERAPY - $55 per hour

Package of six one-hour sessions for $45 each - $270 Total

Package of 12 one-hour for $35 each - $420 Total

Ideal for dogs who are injured, arthritic, or weight management.

SWIMMING LESSONS - 6 one-hour visits - $180

Ideal for healthy, energetic dogs for daily exercise.


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